Hi!!, I am a big fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avengers, Supernatural and many other programs.

And,my favorite actors are Tom Hiddleston,Benedict Cumberbatch,Jensen ackles,Jared Padalecki and MIsha Collins ♥☼♥

Then i love Thirty Seconds to mars and PIE !!!!! :)


If anyone wishes to talk to me, I am always here and I will listen to whatever it is you wish to speak of :-D
  • I love dancing, I’ve always loved it (:

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    … Cheers to a great 2014, everyone! 


    First 2014 project, here. Join us :) 

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    Tom Hiddleston non ha mai utilizzato il punto e virgola in maniera scorretta.

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    that’s me in the kitchen

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    Benedict Cumberbatch’s 6 ice buckets (x

    Because foxestacado loves us.

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    God bless the white t-shirt !

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    Benedict Cumberbatch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    it’s here!

  • A very important deleted scene from “The Rapture”

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